Do you want to hold a wedding that is relaxed but still sacred

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10 Stunning Ideas for Beach Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Take A Look

Do you want to hold a wedding that is relaxed but still sacred? Think to make an outdoor wedding where you can highlight the beautiful and calm atmosphere. Generally, you will choose the forest, garden, and backyard. Yet this time, you may select the beach. The beach is included in the most favorite destination to hold a wedding. Many couples are willing to go overseas to find a beautiful beach to celebrate their wedding — for example, Bali, Perth, Indian Ocean, Hawaii, Maldives, and many more. The atmosphere is quiet and calm, the sound of the waves, the beauty of the color of the sea and the breeze make the atmosphere more relaxing and calming. You need to make a list to plan the wedding, starting from the decoration since it becomes the center of attention of every guest who comes. Thankfully, you don’t need to plan excessive decorations because the beach view is naturally beautiful.

The key to decorating a beach wedding is to use soft colors like blue, rose pink, peach, white, cream, and green. In this case, you should use more ornament, which is made by nature, such as wood, pampas grass, palm leaves, and flowers. To make a bar, seating chart, and table decoration, you can emphasize the characteristics of the beach by utilizing shell, starships, boat, and sand. To help you find stunning beach wedding decoration ideas, there are several references from the real wedding that you can choose:

1. Flowery Cross-Back Chair

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The cross-back chair is one of the chairs that is most-used in a wedding since it has a beautiful shape with a cross on the back. Add a group of roses and tied with a ribbon at the top right.

2. Elegant Driftwood Wedding Arch

Beach-themed weddings will undoubtedly highlight the atmosphere of nature. Think of using driftwood as a wedding arch. Add white roses and climbing leaves to make it looks natural.

3. Vintage Boat Drink Bar

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Be creative is the point. Use more objects around the beach, such as boats. This boat can be used as a drink bar to place cold drinks.

4. Wooden Wedding Sign

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To welcome the wedding guests, place a wedding sign in the entrance area where you can lean it on the coconut tree. Make it simple yet eye-catching with a wooden board that written by your name in white paint. Stack wooden basket as a table to put the wedding sign.

5. Pastel Starfish Shell Seating Chart

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To emphasize the impression of the beach, you can make a seating chart with starfish shells where you can tie a paper that has the guest name and table number written on it.

6. Boho Wedding Aisle

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This wedding aisle idea is quite simple with a stunning view due to the touch of pampas grass and also the hessian as wedding runner.

7. Chic Table Setting Decoration

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To decorate the wedding reception table to be interesting, use a combination of ceramic plates and copper utensils. Place candles and cheesecloth pastels with moon shell clam as the centerpiece.

8. Beach Picnic Reception

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It is an idea that you can use to make a relaxing wedding reception which is held like a picnic. Put the cloth as a base and also some pillows. You can also add a small bulb to light the whole area

9. Hanging Small Bulb

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You can use this method if you don’t want to use a tent. With a small hanging bulb, you can make the top area more attractive with flashing lights.

10. Simple Ceiling Draping

If this time you want to hold a wedding reception with a tent, you can decorate it with draping techniques. Hang the chandelier as lighting.

A wedding party is not only held in a building. An outdoor wedding can be your choice because it will be far more memorable where everyone blends with nature. Remember to always pay attention to the season and weather before deciding to hold a wedding at the beach. It would be much better if you choose spring and summer. That way, you don’t need to worry about the rain. But in anticipation, you can still use the clear top tent to protect the guests if you want to play safe.


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