Happy Valentine’s day Quotes, Messages, Sms 2023

  1. 1. Not seeing each other does not mean not missing, and not contacting does not mean forgetting. I miss you when not in touch, and I am afraid of affecting you when I call, so I can only send a message to send endless greetings and thoughts! May you always be happy and healthy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

2. Valentine’s Day is full of joy; it is God’s will for lovers to be together. Friends are so happy together, the sound of blessings continues, and the sound of happiness rises again. Single giggles paired with joy. Sweet roses for lovers, good luck for friends roses. Valentine’s Day, all happiness.

 3. In a square inch, there are many vicissitudes worldwide. In time and space, carefully ask the world from summer to cold. He is a lover, and his empathy remains unchanged. Is a bosom friend, the ends of the earth keep in mind. It’s Valentine’s Day to wish people with a full moon to be more round! My love for you will never change.

 4. Valentine’s Day is here, and I will send you a bunch of roses: red means I love you, purple means I miss you, pink means I love you, blue means I love you, white means I kiss you, orange means I kiss you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 5. I look east, West, south, north, up, down, left, and right, but I can’t find my heart in all directions, and suddenly I can’t find my heart. Come to understand, so my heart has been stolen by you.

 6. Don’t miss it when you see it. You can come if you miss it, you may regret it if you come, but you can’t let it go if you regret it! If you let it go, you will miss it. Think about it. I am waiting for you to come! Happy Valentine’s Day, Wife!

 7. Special days can always evoke memories of the past. Such a festival that belongs to lovers in the world, of course, thinks of past happiness, romance, sweetness, and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 8. Baby, my love, my heart is with you; your heartbeat is connected to my blood, and your pace is the rhythm of my life; even if all the lovesickness turns to dust, I will never give up. Dearest, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

 9. What you once had – don’t forget, what you can’t get – you should cherish it, what belongs to you – don’t give up, what you have lost – keep as a memory, the road you have traveled – is in the past, I wish you all the best in the future!

 10. We miss during the Day, dream at night, keep dating, have infinite love, hate to meet each other, are tireless in love, give love to each other, and bless us forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines day quotes 2023

 1. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you!

 2. I would like to give my beloved one from blue silk to white head!

 3. You and I are the only ones for each other in this life

 4. The rest of my life is you

 5. For the rest of your life, please advise!

 6. My dear, I miss you

 7. You are mine alone.

 8. My love for you will never change

 9. I only wish to love you in this life!

 10. Take your hand and walk together

happy valentine’s Day Messages 2023

 1. Although I can’t spend this Valentine’s Day with you, I will use my love for you to water the fiery roses and send them to you with the bright moon that night. I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

 2. Every Day with you is Valentine’s Day! Always remember your good, remember you’re wonderful, remember your croaking. I hope we can laugh and laugh together and be happy until we grow old!

 3. No matter how busy the Day is, no matter how busy the Day is, no matter how busy the world is, no matter how troubled the world is, and no matter how far away the world is, you should cherish it if you have a fateful encounter in this life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 4. Your intoxicating smile makes my heartbeat. Although it is silent, it is better than each other; the return of your true love, holding hands, is better than promises. 2.14 Valentine’s Day, I only wish to grow old hand in hand with you.

 5. The roses of love fill the streets, and the smiling faces of lovers ripple on every corner. I inexplicably like this festival that originally belonged to the West. My dear, can we be lovers on such a day?

 6. Watching couples on Valentine’s Day, no need to be sad or worried. I have secretly brought Cupid’s arrow and sent it to you along with this text message. It won’t take long before you can enjoy the sweetness of love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

 7. I want to hold you, but distance is not allowed; I want to accompany you, time is not allowed; I want to listen to you, work is not allowed; I want to hold you, but my body is not allowed; Hope to spend Valentine’s Day with you!

 8. Tired of the misty each other. The hollowness of sweet words does not require a sworn commitment. I only want to be with you in this life, plain and simple. Grow old slowly. You are still my treasure when the older man can’t go anywhere! Happy Valentine’s Day!

 9. I would like to turn into a delicate rose, blooming for your infatuation; I would like to turn into delicious chocolate to give you endless sweetness; I would like to turn into a sincere short message, always with you. May you spend every second happy on this romantic Valentine’s Day!

 10. At this moment, I don’t know where you are, but I know where my heart is; at that moment, I don’t know where my heart is, but I see you stop there. Although this is still Valentine’s Day without you, I silently put a bunch of flowers in the house.

Happy Valentine’s Day SMS

 1. The one who makes me cry is the one I love the most, the one who understands my tears is the one who loves me the most, and the one who wipes away my tears is the one who stays with me in the end.

 2. Valentine’s Day makes me miss you infinitely. Park my heart in the harbor where colorful clouds rise, secretly engrave happiness in your heart and use a thread of love to tie you and me to the end of the changing times. Husband, Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

 3. Holding your hand, Day and night, holding your hand, waiting for tomorrow, holding your hand, walking through this life, holding your hand, life after life.

 4. Valentine’s Day is here. Relive the past time and regain the good memories. Relax and feel free. Avoid chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, and approach Qin, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, and hops. Loving you for 10,000 years is my heart that will never change.

 5. Once in a lifetime, talk about love for marriage and stay together. In the fleeting years of communication, the years are good.

 6. Please remember a little. When I was looking for you, I missed you explosively, and when I didn’t look for you, I thought of you.

 7. Half bowl of big black beans and half bowl of rice. I think of you when I pick up the rice. Tears are dripping at work. I slept late at night and dreamed of you. Miss you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 8. Life is like making dumplings. No matter what kind of stuffing you are, I will wrap you tightly in my heart. No matter how the boiling water of life boils, it will not wear away my love for you!

 9. I fell in love with you, at first sight, hugged you without a word, came to you every three days, no one kissed you everywhere, married you within five days, and never separated for sixty years! Bless you, on Valentine’s Day!

 10. I love you, not overnight, but Day and night, countless times since sunset. Wherever you look, you are in your mind.

 11. Maybe love is. I thought I had to become good enough to meet you, but I found that it was when I met you that I became the best me.

 12. I have never succeeded in anything in my life, but I don’t want to screw up the matter of making you happy.

 13. I want to hold your hand and go to the stage of love; I want to accompany your smile and enjoy the favor of the God of love; I want to hold your shoulders and touch the surging depths of my heart; I want to kiss your lips and become together. Master of love. Valentine’s Day is here, love you without regrets!

 14. You are a tree, I am Teng, and I will haunt you for a lifetime. I will accompany you to sit in a rocking chair and grow old slowly!

 15. I am the leaf that leaves the branch, and you are the root that does not move, so you are my attachment after all; I am the beating spring, and you are the silent sea, so you are destined to belong to me!

 16. I miss you in the morning through the glass, you through the table and chopsticks at lunch, and you in the dark before going to bed. I am the best at thinking of you.

 17. When you are free, look up at the sky. The hazy cloud shadow on the horizon is the screen embroidered by Zhinu herself for the Cowherd! The bright moon in the night sky is my eyes to see you! Dear, I wish you Happy Valentine’s Day!

 18. Before I met you, I thought I was the ocean, with a broad mind that could accommodate all rivers. After meeting you, I found that my heart is full, except for you, which can no longer hold anything.

 19. At the end of prosperity, find an uninhabited valley, build a wooden hut, pave a bluestone path, and be at peace with you in the morning and evening.

 20. Only when you are drunk can you know the strength of the wine, and when you have been in love, you know the weight—returning to the world to live once, just to meet you. Your smile, and your tears, are the most unforgettable to me.

 21. The spring breeze is ten miles away, and it’s not as good as meeting you; the clear sky is ten miles away, but it’s not as good as having you in my heart.

 22. The sky of love is blue and bright, and the sweet juice of life is coming. In the blink of an eye, ten fingers clasped together into the hall, and the appetizers were fragrant and fragrant. There is no permanent thing in the world. If you feel it with your heart, you can find it, and the white clouds are happy.

 23. To the sky, the stars are the most precious. To the earth, the flowers are the most precious. To me, you are the most precious. I love you.

 24. Live less and less like yourself, like your wife.

 25. Say one word less, and you are afraid of regret; say one more word, and you are afraid of being disturbed. I like you, four words, just right.

 26. Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai came flying as butterflies. Affectionate love is a lifelong relationship. Life and death are inseparable forever. May your love be like Liang Zhu; the sea is dead, and the rocks are rotten. Happy Valentine’s Day, happy life is the most joyful!

 27. The bright moonlight in front of the window, there is no double today, single men and women are also happy, single men and women are happy, single men and women are shining, single men and women are the most casual, single men and women have dreams, single men and women are the most leisurely, single men and women flowers become fragrant. I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

 28. I want to plunge into your arms, smell the familiar smell on you, tell you the grievances these days, and that I miss you very much.

 29. Let beauty weave a happy hat for you, let happiness make a happy dress for you, let romance recite a love poem for you, and let me offer you a sincere heart: dear, I love you!

 30. The fact that I like you is only three minutes of heat. Just three minutes after three minutes never stopped.

 31. In this world, there is never the best, only the most suitable, such as clouds and sky, breeze and grass, such as you in my eyes and me in your eyes.

 32. I will always succumb to tenderness, and you are tenderness itself.

 33. I am willing to gamble with myself. I bet that you will love me for a lifetime and that you will give me happiness. No matter whether I win or lose, I will not regret it.

 34. Warm embrace, open arms for you; romantic moonlight, sway true feelings for you; sweet years, brew happiness for you; infatuation words, express true love for you: dear, I love you!

 35. My thoughts are the endless wind, from spring to summer, from autumn to winter. If your curtains flutter gently, I am still gently calling you. Goods, Happy Valentine’s Day!

 36. With you, sleep till the end of the world.

 37. The so-called life is to accompany you with determination. The best love, there is no sky and no old age, just want to be with you, that’s all.

 38. On Valentine’s Day again, I will send you a play, and you will sing the main melody; I want to say I love you, but I have no courage; don’t take it as a pretense. I will work hard; if you agree, my heart is sweet. If we can join hands, let’s go together today!

 39. You see, so many people, such a big world, I met you, and you met me. It’s so good.

 40. Others do not give happiness. If you are willing to love the most beautiful, happiness will live in your heart forever. If you can love someone wholeheartedly, you will have the greatest happiness in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 41. I like you like a desperate gambler. I can never turn around. I wrote the first half of my life on paper. Please give me more advice for the rest of my life.

 42. The happiness of daily life, in addition to reminiscence, also has expectations. The pursuit of ideals, in addition to sweat, also has a smile. The traditional holiday wishes, in addition to lovers, also have pot friends. I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

 43. Later, I discovered that not all likes would have results. After all, I must understand that meeting is very rare.

 44. It was the first time I liked someone so much, so I was careful. I was afraid I didn’t do well, so you would think that a person’s sincerity is nothing more than that.

 45. The happiest appearance is to witness your most beautiful appearance.

 46. ​​If I could be with you, I would rather let all the stars in the sky fall because your eyes are the brightest light in my life.

 47. Only when you don’t see your face can you understand what missing is; when you don’t hear your voice, you know what hope is; when you are by my side, you deeply feel loneliness; when you don’t receive your text messages, you only know What is bitter love. Miss you!

 48. Blessing is a real heart, sweet happiness, a romantic taste, a warm memory, beautiful happiness, and our everlasting friendship. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 49. There is always a camera on the road of life called to encounter, and there is always a plot on the road of life called love. The road of life is like a play, and you are the protagonist in my play. You are the person I am looking for.

 50. You have to hold me when you walk. Didn’t the teacher tell you that you should carry valuables when you were a child?

 51. Do you know that you can walk out of my vision, but you can never walk away from my longing for you; you can stay away from my figure, but you can never stay away from my deep nostalgia for you.

 52, dear, do you understand? They all say the world is wonderful, but I miss your warm arm the most. When the world outside makes me tired, I always want to run to your side the most!

 53. Valentine’s Day is here. May your love always be sweet, your lover will always be satisfied, your career will always be proud, and your happiness will always overflow!

 54. Since you became my sweetheart, everything has been unsightly. Only you are my favorite year after year.

 55. I don’t know if I can meet you in the next life, so I want to give you the best of myself in this life.

 56, heaven and earth, year after year, reunion tonight, only wish forever. I have a special feeling for you. I just want to tell you that this life will not change!

 57. Mountains, grasslands, and lakes are not as beautiful as the deep pools in your eyes, and the world is as beautiful as you smile at me.

 58. The strongest wine in the world is the tenderness of your bow and smirk.

 59. Home is where the heart lives, full of love and care. Staying with each other is just for dedication, persistence, responsibility, and responsibility. We can’t forget each other in the rivers and lakes. I will be with you. Wife, let’s spend Valentine’s Day together!

 60. I want to spend a long night with you, accompany you to the white temples, and see the world with you. I want to be you for the rest of my life.

 61. I like things that sparkles, such as snowflakes in winter, stars in the sky, and your eyes.

 62. If someone asks me why I love you, I think I can only answer this: because it is you, because it is me.

 63. I like the feeling of being tired of being with you. It’s not that there will be endless topics to talk about together, but that together, even if you don’t talk, you won’t feel embarrassed.

 64. The chance encounter with you, from the beginning of sincerity, a happy life, will come at the moment of service commitment, and people will come and go for a long time to find each other so that we will become lovers forever. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

 65. In this world, no one has to love, and no one has to do. Unless that person is you, that thing is that I love you.

 66. Sansheng is fortunate to meet you. There are only two lucky times in life, once to meet you and once to go to the end.

 67. A photo evokes nostalgia, faint memories, sweet moments, deep yearning, and happy companionship; strong expectations. Have a happy life and Valentine’s Day. May we keep our true feelings and be happy forever!

 68. On Valentine’s Day, we wanted to meet, but we couldn’t meet because today, the river of love is overflowing, and we can’t cross it. The magpies are all in love, and we can’t build a bridge of magpies, but it doesn’t matter. We can send text messages to express our love!

 69. Nice to meet you! Chatting with you is so sweet! Have a good day with you! Your attention makes me very warm! Give you my heart. Let my heart accompany you all your life! Happy Valentine’s Day!

 70. Amorous people, every Day is a festival. A short message, a line of chatter, an appeal, a note circulated; a miss, longing for each other; a love, a lifelong love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 71. We have to come to an end, we must help each other, and we must join hands for life. I am with you in this mood, just to be in the sixtieth year, and there is still a sentence I love you.

 72. When the weather is hot, I want to be the cloud on your head. When the wind blows, I want to be the wall around you. When it rains, I want to be the umbrella in your hand. I want to be everything related to you. Joy.

 73. Only one knows whether it hurts or not. Only you can understand whether it has changed or not. I’m all right now, pretending it’s all right.

 74. In my life, I hope to share my joys, sorrows, and sorrows with you; I would like to dedicate the happiness of my life to you so that you can have a carefree life and live a happy life.

 75. You should not be what I like, what you become, but what you become, what I like.

 76. On this unique Valentine’s Day, I will wear my vows on your finger for the rest of my life. Even if my life is flat and I have shared the joys and sorrows, I would like to always protect you from the wind and rain to spend the Day and night together. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 77. Meeting the right person at the wrong time is sadness; meeting the wrong person at the right time is a sign; meeting the right person at the right time is a lifetime of happiness. You are the one who makes my life happy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 78. I want to be super cool, cool enough to be cold! Of course, if you want to chat with me, I can be cool for a while.

 79. Some true feelings cannot be covered by time; some memories cannot be covered by time; time stirs the wings of love and pours into my heart with your breath. Loving you is the greatest hope in my life!

 80. I think you are as beautiful as the stars in the sky, but the difference between you and the stars is that the stars are in the sky, and you are in my heart.

 81. It is warm to be missed, happy to be cared for, heartwarming to be deeply loved, and happy to be pampered. And you are the one who accidentally misses, cares for, deeply loves, and pets! Happy Valentine’s Day!

 82. Without the romance of movies and TV series, I dare not promise you three lives, but I only wish to give you two halls and three rooms.

 83. The feeling of liking someone is probably listening to others discussing love. I only think of you.

 84. On Valentine’s Day, those who have lovers continue to be sweet, those who do not have lovers should not be discouraged, those who have goals should work harder, those who have no goals continue to search, want a romantic candlelight dinner, and want to meet under the moon. Yue Lao will send you a message in a low-key manner. Keep it confidential!

 85. On this unique Valentine’s Day, I will wear my vows on your fingers for the rest of my life. Even if my life is flat and I have shared the joys and sorrows, I would like to always shield you from the wind and rain to spend the Day and night together.

 86. I like the feeling of being tired of being with you. It’s not that there will be endless topics to talk about together, but that together, even if you don’t talk, you won’t feel embarrassed.

 87. Only when you don’t see your face can you understand what it means to miss; when you don’t hear your voice, you only know what it is to expect; only when you are by my side can you deeply feel loneliness; only when you don’t receive your text messages, do you know What is bitter love. Miss you!

 88, heaven and earth, year after year, reunion tonight, only wish forever. I have a special feeling for you. I just want to tell you that this life will not change!

 89. There is always a person who will change himself and put down the bottom line to indulge you. It is not a natural good temper, but he is afraid of losing you.

 90. If you drink the wine of love you made and don’t refill it, you’d rather be thirsty for a lifetime.

 91. The first time I met you was fate’s will. I like you. It is the bond of my heart, and falling in love with you is the beginning of happiness. Having you, I just want to stay together forever.

 92. I will give you the anxiety, give you the heart, give you the sleepless night, give it to you regardless of your life, give you the loneliness and the rest of your life for sixty years, from now on, it is you for the rest of your life, and you for the rest of your life!

 93. I was shocked that Acacia was not revealed. It turned out that it was only because it had penetrated the bones. Hate disappeared and smiled. There are a hundred beauties and a thousand reds worldwide, but you are my favorite.

 94. Only when you have been drunk can you know the strength of wine, and when you have been in love, you will know the weight—returning to the world to live once, just to meet you. Your smile, and your tears, are the most unforgettable to me.

 95. You and I are one step away; I can neither take a step forward and accompany you nor take a step back and regain the fulcrum of a friend. I can only watch you quietly and bless you silently.

 96. Your eyes are so beautiful. There are sun and moon, winter and summer, sunshine and rain, mountains and rivers, flowers and plants, birds and beasts, but my eyes are more beautiful because you are in them.

 97. The full moon means my passion, the upper moon means my loyalty, the lower moon means I miss, and the full moon means my confidence. Whether the moon is full or short, the moon means my heart from beginning to end. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 98. There will come a day when I get used to your straightness, and you can guess my duplicity. We looked at each other and smiled, holding the hand of the child and the child’s white head.

 99. The moment when the vast sea of ​​people meets you, it is destined that my heart will never change. Looking at the Milky Way and the Nine Heavens in the sky but seeing the Magpie Bridge as the road, the Cowherd and Weaver Girl looked at each other speechlessly and burst into tears. I love you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 100. In the future, the boy you love will stay by your side.

Quotes for Valentine’s day 2023

 1. The one who knows the cold and the hot is the heart; the one who looks at each other is the eye; the one who never leaves is the love; 2.14 Valentine’s Day, love, come and go, never die, may you be happy every season and sweet every Day.

 2. Valentine’s Day is coming, the older man will take care of it, and the information of the matchmaker will be packaged in red envelopes; the recipients will be a lot sweeter, surrounded by happiness, and the red peach blossoms will be the first photo; wages will soar, and bonuses will increase, the sooner you receive it, the more effective it will be. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 3. Are the rich now aristocrats? NO, being single is noble! Single aristocrats shine with mysterious colors, attracting the curious eyes of countless people! You are so charming when you are single!

 4. Friends are like pieces of a puzzle combined to form a beautiful picture. If a piece is missing, it will never be complete, and you are one of the pieces I don’t want to lose. May the person you love be perfect!

 5. When we met for the first time, you were the thoughts I could not erase; fate made fun of you, and you and I passed by. Even if there is no fate, I am still your faithful friend. I sincerely wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day!

 6. When the aroma of roses lingers, the richness of chocolate attracts the tongue, sweetness in the wind, and the air is filled with happiness; you know, Valentine’s Day is here. I wish you a happy holiday!

 7. My love is a fine wine that will become more mellow over time; my love is a power, and there is no limit to every minute. I have only dedicated myself to my dear you on this romantic Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day!

 8. Sauvignon Blanc, Mochizuki, and Valentine’s Day. If you think about yourself, you will think about your eyes, which are better than your face. It will emit a seductive halo and hold me tightly by your side!

 9. Use my heart to write down your blooming smile; use my love to engrave my love for you; use my love to accompany you forever. Valentine’s Day is here, my dear. Hold your hand, I love you the same!

 10. Sichun snowflakes hurt, and the residual winter plum is more fragrant. Yesterday’s pity was broken and cold, but now I think the velvet is long. Prosperity is always easy to disperse, and true feelings never change. Where are the rest? The soul is a broken and hazy moon. Romantic Valentine’s Day, beautiful women can have an appointment!

 Valentine’s Day Heartwarming 2023

 1. Send you a bunch of sweet grapes, a grape and a heart, a glass of wine, say I love you to you, drink a glass of wine together, and stay together forever. Wine Valentine’s Day, I want to give you a glass of wine. I would like to drink this cup together.

 2. I want to hide you in the breast pocket, slowly melt you, and you will never be able to leave you again! Hide you, and only fall in love with me!

 3. I care about you. I just didn’t tell you! I want to say, “I love you!” The words go to my mouth. In the days without you, the protagonist of the dream is you!

 4. Loving each other is a very beautiful feeling. Getting to know you and loving each other has achieved this kind of beauty. I love you, and thank you very much! I want to join hands with you, fall in love, and stay with you forever!

 5. There is no reason to love a person! Love needs two people to maintain and water together! Let us use our sincerity and efforts to water our love tree together!

 6. I want to be with you again, I don’t know how far we can go together, but I know the outcome is that I will always love you until the end of my life, whether we are still together or not.

 7. Knowing each other is a kind of destiny. The intersection of hearts makes us have inexhaustible romantic feelings; staying together is a promise. We will always remember our beautiful love story in the world’s reincarnation!

 8. I used to love you. It’s true; I still love you now, it’s true. It used to be painful. It was real; it is still painful now. It is real. Come back. I still love you!

 9. How much love can be repeated? Let us cherish every Day we have. You said your heart will always be with me and never leave me!

 10. When you love someone, you suddenly don’t know what to say when you’re on the phone. You just want to hear the familiar voice. What you want to pull is just a string deep in your heart.

Valentine’s Day quotes for my love

 1. Some people love with their mouths, but I love with my heart. Maybe I will lose a lot, but I will not regret it.

 2. You are a tree, I am Teng, and I will haunt you for a lifetime. I will accompany you to sit in a rocking chair and grow old slowly!

 3. I like fields, but I am stupid. It can only be planted for ten years in exchange for a temporary spring.

 4. I miss you, miss your sweet smile. Soft words and your beautiful face. Hey, hey, stop being angry. I love you!

 5. Sometimes, I only listen to one song repeatedly, just because the song is very similar to the story of you and me.

 6. Dear little pervert: I love you so much! I also want to learn to be perverted and treat others in their way. Kiss you!

 7. I was shocked that Acacia was not revealed. It turned out that it was only because it had penetrated the bones, and the love did not know where it came from, and it went deep. Hate disappeared and smiled. There are a hundred beauties and a thousand reds worldwide, but you are my favorite.

 8. May you be warm in winter and not cold in spring; may you have lights in the dark and umbrellas in the rain. May you be accompanied by good people along the way.

 9. Baoding Fengxiang, I will play the piano and come to you to dance. The cock crowing in the cold house, you make tea and let me cook. Outside the quiet window, in the white clouds, let him be ups and downs.

 10. I have heard 10,000 songs, watched 1,000 movies, and read 100 books, but I have never captured a person’s heart.

 11. Someone asked me how good you are. I can’t forget it for so many years. No matter how beautiful the spring breeze is, it can’t compare to your smile. Those who haven’t seen you will not understand it.

 12. It’s getting colder. You have to cover the quilt and don’t catch a cold. I can’t coax you to take medicine or hug you.

 13. The person who truly loves you is reluctant to let you wait because he will be more afraid of losing you accidentally than if you are afraid that you will not be able to wait for him after all your hard work.

 14. The sky is drizzling, and that is the teardrop that I miss you. The clock keeps pace. That is my constant blessing to you.

 15. I love you every minute and every second, but I can’t live without you. The mountains don’t turn the water. The road doesn’t turn the people. The whole life is just around you.

 16. I like to be with you. Even if you don’t say a word, your expression makes me happy from the bottom of my heart.

 17. I’m sorry, I’m in love with you, but I won’t let you be responsible for me, thinking that I want to be responsible for your life.

 18. You have changed, and so have I. The tenderness that I can’t go back to, the tears are like a spring, and the most familiar has become the most painful.

 19. As long as you remember me, I don’t mind the whole world forgetting me.

 20. Good night, my love. Accompanies you to sleep tonight, and tomorrow my love will wake you up. Love you every Day, dear!

 21. Saying that the sea is too dry and the rocks are rotten and that the oath of the mountain is too big, I only wish to be an ant on a line with you, a prisoner locked in love, and grow old with you!

 22. The person who appears in the dream should go to see him when he wakes up. Life is so simple.

 23. I like trees in spring, flowers in summer, leaves in autumn, snow in winter, and you, who are beautiful every Day.

 24. If it’s wrong to love you, I don’t want to be right; if it’s right to leave you, I’d rather be wrong for a lifetime.

 25. The world is too big, and I am too small. I am afraid that when love passes by, it will not find me and will miss me.

 26. If you are willing, you will get it. Feeling life with a heart is much richer than living mechanized life.

 27. You will always be the deepest imprint in my heart in my life. I will remember the bits and pieces you once passed on to me.

 28. The prodigal son is homeless, and there will be her eventually.

 29. On the long road of life, it is good to know you! No matter how the road is ahead, let us spend it together.

 30. In the future, if we are fortunate enough to be together, the housework must be divided. You clean up the house, and I clean up for you.

 31. Only when I know you can I know that there is a feeling called attachment and a feeling called you.

 32. Shangxie! I want to know each other with you, and I will live forever. The mountains have no tombs, the rivers are exhausted, the winter thunders burst, the summer rains and snows, the heaven and the earth are united, but I dare to stand against you!

 33. No matter how fast time passes. There are thousands of changes, but my thoughts and blessings for you are the only constant.

 34. Once, the sea was difficult to become water, except Wushan was not a cloud. Take a lazy review of the second flower bush, half of the cultivator and half of the monarch.

 35. Happiness is finding someone who wants to lose weight desperately for him, but that person always pats her on the head and says, eat a little more, don’t go hungry.

 36. To the sky, the stars are the most precious. To the earth, the flowers are the most precious. To me, you are the most precious. I love you.

 37. In fact, the fact that I like you is only a three-minute heat. Just three minutes after three minutes never stopped.

 38. Through your mysterious bottomless eyes, I discovered an infinitely vast and beautiful world of love.

 39. The wind is obsessed with the fragrance of flowers, the waves chase the beach, and I just want to know if I exist in your heart.

 40. I once appreciated the beauty of Wu Daoxuan’s poor dancing, and I also experienced Wang Yishao’s ability to use his brush and ink.

 41. The reason why the person you like doesn’t make a note is that the family will find it difficult to explain.

 42. I don’t have any big ambitions. I just want to shower with you, eat a bowl of rice, sleep in a bed, and go home.

 43. Pull ring has always liked cans, but the heart of the can contains Coke, so whenever you finish drinking Coke, please put the pull ring into the can and become the love of all pull rings.

 44. When you came, my expectation was in the distance; when you left, you were the expectation of my dreams.

 45. Do you know what it feels like to miss someone? It’s like drinking a big glass of ice water and then shedding hot tears for a long time.

 46. ​​You have to wake me up, or I wake you up every morning because I want to see you as soon as I open my eyes.

 47. Sometimes, the relationship between two people is like the nitric acid mentioned in chemistry class – the more concentrated it is, the easier it is to decompose.

 48. Fate is the beginning of love, and love is the process of love. Let us find the result of love together in the ocean of fate and love!

 49. You can reluctantly wear a piece of clothes you don’t like and reluctantly make a friend you don’t like, but love is a lifetime thing. You need to be comfortable.

 50. Passionate and hatred since ancient times. You are full of tears when you wake up from a good dream. After you wake up, you are still my classmate. My friend. My dream!

 51. If you are with yourself all your life, it is the future. If you are with others, it can only be called the future.

 52. You are always clamoring for me to take off the most beautiful star. I smiled and said: How could I be willing to cut out your eyes?

 53. In the days when the red lotus bloomed, and the cherry blossoms died, I always burst into tears. Because I always think of you incessantly.

 54. When you walk towards me, I feel that I haven’t seen you for a day is like every three autumns; you smile at me, and I haven’t seen three autumns for a day.

 55. I will think, I will miss, I will be sad, I will be sad, I will feel heartache, you forget that I am just an ordinary person.

 56. I like flowers in spring, trees in summer, dusk in autumn, sunshine in winter, and you every Day.

 57. I suffer under the torture of missing love all the time. I don’t know when you will be able to give me grace and ease my torture!

 58. I want to be with you, even if the front is full of thorns, if thousands of people block it, or if the hair is gray.

 59. Fate will not cross you, heaven and earth will not cross you, rivers and seas will not cross you, I will cross.

 60. I will drive away all ugliness from my heart and make my love bloom because I know that you have placed a seat in the depths of my heart.

Valentine’s Day love Quotes.

 1. The love is deep, the rain is misty, and the blessings are sent; to be happy, to be happy, the flame of love burns the heart; 2.14 Valentine’s Day, my dear, I wish you a happy holiday.

 2. On this romantic and warm Day, the affection is quiet, and the love is soft. I sincerely wish the lover heart-to-heart, intimacy, lingering sweetness, and intoxicating happiness, Happy Valentine’s Day!

 3. Roses are blooming all over the street, and Valentine’s Day is coming again. Flowers are sent to Yingtai, and the love of Cowherd and Weaver Girl is still there. Lovers in the present are happy and loving; in the future, the moon and the old will worship. May all lovers be married! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

 4. Valentine’s Day is coming. Let me invite you to spend a good time together with the most sincere heart and quietly give you warm blessings. I hope you can feel this sweet surprise. Can you give me this wonderful opportunity?

 5. Valentine’s Day is coming. As a friend, I sing for you to celebrate: Come back soon, I can’t cook alone. Come back soon. The dinner table is wonderful because of you. Don’t make my stomach empty like the sea! Happy Valentine’s Day.

 6. The emotional relay accompanies you in the mountains, rivers, and rivers, and the fate of the sky accompanies you to search. Every little bit of life will be collected together with you. Because of you, I have added good memories to my life. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear!

 7. Every text message conveys lovesickness, every word is only for you, every word of greeting warms your heart, every word of blessing is refreshing, it is 2.14, Valentine’s Day is coming, a text message expresses your sincerity, I miss you.

 8. Flowers, roses, may you always be bright and beautiful; starlight, music, may you always be trendy and prosperous; the sky is long, the earth is long, the sky is blue, and the earth is broad. 2.14 Valentine’s Day, when I miss you, I bless you, the angel in my heart.

 9. The field of love is like a battlefield. You have completely defeated me. I have been your captive for a few days. I am ready to pay only, not to return. I hope you can be happy with my efforts.

 10. Valentine’s Day is at this time. No rose chocolate, sincerity is only for you; no rhetoric, but a short message expressing sincerity: May our love bloom in the cold winter, overflowing with fragrance.

 Valentine’s Day Heartwarming Sentences

 1. When I cry, you cry too. I think you are not alone with me. When I smile, you are still crying. You are lonelier than me.

 2. Who will subscribe to my sadness if you live like summer flowers? The future you mentioned is a landscape that I can’t touch. My departure fulfilled who has a vast sea and sky.

 3. I just happened to be sad. I just decided to give up. I just forgot to cry. I just happened to meet you.

 4. I like you, I have been waiting for you, I bless you every Day, I miss you all the time, and have you received it? I don’t know if I can have you, I don’t know who you like, maybe, leaves. It’s my reincarnation!

 5. There is no humble love in this world. It seems that the humbleness is just because I love you too much. In the final wordless, there is no fulfillment, resentment, or blessing. There is only a bleak look in the wind.

 6. How to let you meet me at my most beautiful moment. For this, I have prayed to the Buddha for five hundred years. I begged the Buddha to let us form an earthly relationship, and the Buddha turned me into a tree and grew along the road you must pass. Under the sun, it is carefully full of flowers, and the blossoms are the hope of my previous life. When you approach, please listen carefully to that trembling leaf is my waiting enthusiasm. And when you finally walk past ignorantly, what falls behind you, my friend, it’s not a petal – it’s my withered heart.

 7. If loving you hurts you, I choose to like you. If liking you is bothering you, I choose to leave you. If I can exchange everything I have for your happiness in this life, I am willing to give everything because I love you!

 8. If the stone can also cry, I want to be a stubborn stone and cry in your heart. At least I can feel your temperature.

 9. Your heart is my corner and the end of the world. I can’t go further. We go to the ends of the earth together in this life, not to walk around the earth but to accompany the world.

 10. I knew that I was wrong at the beginning. The mistake was that I loved you too deeply. The mistake was that I only wanted to follow you in this life. You are the only person I love deeply in my life.

 11. All the endings have been written, and all the tears have set off, but suddenly I forgot what kind of beginning it was. In that old summer that will never return, no matter how I pursue it, the young you are just passing by like a cloud. And your smiling face is very shallow and light, gradually disappearing in the clouds after sunset. Then he opened the yellowed title page, which was bound extremely poorly by fate. With tears in my eyes, I read it again and again, but I have to admit that youth is a book that is too rushed.

 12. The encounter between some people is like a shooting star, instantly bursting out an enviable spark, but it is destined to pass by in a hurry.

 13. If there are no one thousand years of waiting, there will be no short encounters in this life, and maybe a thousand years of togetherness can exchange for the whiteheads of this life!

 14. When a relationship doesn’t belong to you, it has no value, so you don’t have to consider it a loss.

 15. I have always been standing behind you, but when you turned around, I squatted down, just a breath away, but you couldn’t see me.

 16. Some losses are doomed, and some fates will never have results. If you love someone, you don’t have to have it. If you have someone, you must love her well.

 17. My heart is dead, my tears are dry, I can’t bear to look back, dreams also awaken my soul, I can’t love, the past is like smoke, and I can’t get rid of it, it’s empty and real, I love it and hate it. Lonely and desolate, miserable and miserable; but helpless, forever and ever, this hatred will never end.

 18. I am accustomed to waiting, so in reincarnation, I cannot resist standing back to the origin of waiting. I don’t know how long I have to wait to see an answer; I don’t know, how long can I keep waiting for a result? Missing, very powerless, that’s because I can’t see the result of missing. Perhaps, thinking does not need results. It just proves that someone has existed in my heart. Is it possible to give Missing a certificate to prove that it once existed?

 19. The greatest loneliness in the world is not being alone; it is not being in a crowd of people and having no relatives;

 20. There is a kind of love called no fate. It’s not that there is no love but no fate. There is also a kind of love called fulfillment! To fulfill others also fulfill oneself.

 21. There are many things in this world you think you can continue to do tomorrow, and there are many people you think you can meet again, so when you temporarily let go or turn around, what is in your heart? What I think is just the hope of a reunion tomorrow. Sometimes, I don’t even feel this kind of hope because I think that since the days come and go like this, they should pass like this. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow should be no different, but there will be one time when you let go and turn around, and some things change completely. The sun goes down, and before she rises again, some things change. Man, I will say goodbye to you forever.

 22. Once the dream was broken, I picked it up, tried to put it together, broke it again, picked it up again, and put it together until one Day, I couldn’t put it together again.

 23. If I had never met you, never fallen in love with you, and didn’t believe in you at first, maybe I wouldn’t be who I am now.

 24. It’s not that I’m used to rejection, but I’m afraid that once we hold hands when we come back to a person, we can’t stand the loneliness and sadness. We’re not afraid of losing it if we don’t have it.

 25. My life is in pieces. Those who are firm, those who are proud, and those I have never forgotten and dare not forget. They come faster than you turn around. A layer of cinnabar covers an ancient city. When will you come back??

 26. In your past life, anyone you hurt has long since forgotten, but the person you hurt will never forget you. He will never remember your virtues, but your hurts to him.

 27. Please cherish the people around you who love you silently. Perhaps, one Day when he does leave. You will find that you, not him, are inseparable from each other.

 Valentine’s Day Heartwarming Whatsapp Messages

 1. Dear self, never hurt yourself, don’t think about tea and rice for someone who is not worth it, and cry bitterly for your untrue love. You must know that only by loving yourself well others will not dare to neglect you.

 2. What you want, as long as I have it, I will give it to you. What are you still doing outside? Stay by my side, honestly.

 3. Dear yourself, promise yourself that you must love yourself! Buy back what you want, and don’t waste where you want to go. In this world, the person who loves you the most will always be you. Can you be nice to yourself?

 4. The years are quiet. I want to grow old with you like this, not in a hurry, not in a hurry.

 5. Dear self, health is the best in this life, and peace is a blessing! As for those trivial things, don’t take them to heart, live happily, and we will be happy every Day!

 6. Because of you, I have become gentle and lovely!

 7. Drunk wine is like a person who loves the wrong person. He wakes up when the alcohol is over, and when the enthusiasm is over, he dissipates!

 8. If life doesn’t favor you, you must be kind to yourself. In this life, I have endured trials and hardships just to meet my best self, that’s all.

 9. Dear self, go out for a walk if you are unhappy, don’t stuff yourself in the corner. Some things just can’t be thought of at the time, and letting go is a brand new self. Cry and laugh, and dare to start over.

 10. I don’t want to be your sweetheart. I just want to be your sweetheart.

 11. After meeting you, the ideal is no longer to ride a horse and drink to the end of the world but to go home no matter how late.

 12. You are mine. No one can take it away. I am so domineering; I am yours, and no one can take it away. I am so determined.

 13. I don’t want the whole world except you.

 14. You don’t need anyone’s sympathy and pity. From now on, you have to live a happy and happy life. You can’t always think about relying on others; you can’t always expect others to care for your mood. You must learn to be strong, learn to comfort yourself, and work hard to enrich yourself. Self, keep improving, and become a better self.

 15. Dear yourself, relax, and don’t make yourself sad for a certain person or thing; let yourself go, let go of others. Don’t compromise, don’t give in, be the most authentic self, live the way you are, don’t change easily for others, and don’t give your heart to others easily.

 16. I think our friendship has come to an end. So, be my girlfriend.

 17. Dear self, from today onwards, let yourself live plainly, and learn to love yourself. You are unique, and be the most real, happy, and sunny self.

 18. Dear self, if you are unhappy, find a corner or cry in the quilt all night. After crying and laughing, everything will come again. You don’t need anyone’s sympathy and pity. You can live happily from scratch.

 19. To meet you in this life, I have already left the room in my past life.

 20. You are a responsible person. Add me to your responsibilities.

 21. It is very troublesome to fall in love, and I will trouble you in the future.

 22. Life is beautiful, try to be your best self, improve a little every Day, and you will always become the self you want to achieve.

 23. Dear self, no matter how important money is, it is more important than life; no matter how good wealth is, it is better than health. In life, we must know what we can do and don’t exhaust ourselves to make money. A regular diet and lots of exercise are what we should do the most.

 24. When I think of spending the rest of my life with you, I am full of expectations for the rest of my life.

 25. On Valentine’s Day, I don’t want to give gifts to others, nor do I want anyone’s red envelopes. I just want to live with myself. Over the years, I have suffered a lot of grievances. I have come and gone in the wind and rain, and only myself can accompany me.

 26. May I be like the star and the moon, and the light is bright every night.

 27. My dear self, Valentine’s Day is here again. Buy what you want, and give it to yourself if you like it. Don’t ask anyone for a gift. Only by being independent and backboned can you have the best things and become a better version of yourself!

 28. Do you know what I cherish most? It’s the first word of this sentence.

 29. You know, my hundred years of loneliness are only waiting for you, and Qianye’s love song is only for you.

 30. The love I want is one you, one heart, one heart, and one mind for a lifetime. That’s it, nothing else.

 31. A lifetime is very short, but after meeting you, I hope there is no end to my life.

 32. I don’t want short-term tenderness as long as you are with me forever.

 33. Dear self, you must live the way you like. You must go forward bravely regardless of how thorny the road is. Please believe in yourself, all the hardships will come with joy, and the Jedi will be reborn!

 34. The sky is drizzling, and that is the teardrop that I miss you. The clock keeps pace. That is my constant blessing to you.

 35. Dear yourself, say thank you to yourself! Thank you for not giving up your efforts, for not living up to the time, and for the little things along the way. You have made such a good you! Be kinder to yourself in the future, be kinder to the people around you, believe in yourself, and be happy forever!

 36. I want to be with you, regardless of autumn or winter, regardless of the cold or warmth. I want to give you the best love, not to go to bed earlier, not to drink more water.

 37. I will always be loyal to myself and run towards my ideals and you.

 38. The grass is bearing its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, and we stand and don’t speak. It is very beautiful.

 39. I can stay up late with you and advise you to go to bed early, but the best state is that we sleep together!

 40. On Valentine’s Day, February 14, I don’t expect anyone’s red envelope gifts, and I don’t expect anyone’s hugs and company. I just want to be alone, write a love letter with all my heart, and give it to the person I love the most – myself!

 41. Dear self, let go of what you can’t get and bless what you have lost. Don’t force it, don’t be entangled, let everything take its course, and you can meet a better future.

 42. Allow me to build a beautiful house in your heart. Don’t pay attention to what others say is an illegal building.

 43. The Day is not old, and the love is inexhaustible. Heart-like dual screen, there is a Chien knot. Send your dreams to the next Valentine’s Day. If you have dreams and hope today without Valentine’s Day, remember to send a smile to yourself, this is the best gift, be happy for yourself.

 44. Dear self, don’t care much about whether you have someone to accompany you. Life is yours. No one can accompany you forever. You have to get used to being alone and learn to be strong.

 45, 20xx Valentine’s Day, write a love letter to yourself, find some fun for yourself, make yourself happy is more important than anything else, don’t be anxious, take every step down to earth, believe that you can live this life well, believe that everything will have become better.

 46. ​​Dear self, you are a unique existence in this world. Even if no one understands your goodness, don’t be discouraged. You deserve better and better need to wait patiently.

 47. Dear yourself, be a man with heart and treat things with love! Forget all the troubles of yesterday; today is still the rising sun!

 48. Love is a kind of fate. Even if you are separated, you will feel enchanted; love is a feeling. Even if you are in pain, you will feel happy; love is a kind of experience. Even if your heart is broken, you will feel sweet, dear yourself. I loved it, that is enough.

 49. Dear self, in this world, there is only one that cannot be returned, and nothing is impossible to pass.

 50. You ask me whether it is worth it to love you. You should know that love does not ask whether it is worth it.

 51. The plum blossoms bloom, the fragrance continues, and the breeze is not the breeze. Only the sun is passing quietly. The fragrance I look forward to is your taste, and the breeze and sunshine are your smiles.

 52. In this world, only you are the one who loves you the most. What you like, you should strive for it by yourself, and strive for the life you want to live by yourself!

 53. When I saw you, my heartbeat told me that you are the person I am waiting for in this life. You gave me courage and motivation. I will use my lifelong efforts to protect this heartbeat.

 54. Dear self, you must not have the intention of harming others, and the heart of preventing others is indispensable. Don’t hurt people casually, and don’t trust anyone easily. Learn to be careful and be careful.

 55. Dear yourself, don’t cry for those who are not worthy. Some people, if you treat them well with your heart and lungs, people will not take you seriously. The more you cherish them, the more superficial people will be. For the rest of the road, love yourself better than others!

 56. smile at yourself, face the sky, say hello, let go of your mood, find the source of happiness, and live your life seriously. You will always meet the best person to accompany you.

 57. Open your eyes every Day. You and the sun are there. That is the best future.

 58. Eggs, ducks, poached eggs, it is better for you to be my little fool.

 59. For me, there are only three important things left. If you were to put them in order from light to heavy, I think it would be something like this: I love you, love you, you.

 60. Dear self, from now on, forget the troubles and sorrows of yesterday, be a happy and strong person, not afraid of the future, and do not think about the past!

Best Valentine’s day messages

 1. Pure blessings, pure wishes, deep joy, and deep love. The overflowing floral fragrance, and rich chocolate, at this romantic moment bring my strong Valentine’s Day greetings, Happy Valentine’s Day!

 2. The red rose means I love you, Alice means I miss you, and lavender means I wait for you, but I would like to send you a bouquet of cosmos as pure as a lily because it will bless you with happiness every Day and forever.

 3. I miss you on the most beautiful night, I miss you in my deepest breath, I feel you in the most comfortable time, and when I am the most frustrated, I know that it is enough to have you in this world. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

 4. I want to make a wish called forever; in the harbor of love, I will send a hope called sincerity. On this Valentine’s Day, I will spend with your true love. The friendship we keep together will accompany us sincerely forever.

 5. What comes quietly for you is peace; what is released quietly for you is warmth; what is silently wished for you is happiness; what is deeply expected for you is a success; send my most sincere wishes for Valentine’s Day happiness.

 6. On Valentine’s Day, to maintain the stability of the love scene, the state will issue a love limit order, stipulating that each person can only have one lover. Anyone with two or more lovers will be charged a love interest tax. Friend, take it easy.

 7. White lotus root, out of the mud but not stained; white jade, out of miscellaneous stones and clear; white cloud, let the blue sky clear and clear; white snow, let the earth be pure and clean. 2.14 Valentine’s Day, I wish you love as crystal clear as jade, and may your love be as white as snow.

 8. Let me make you a cup of tea with my own hands, add a piece of rock sugar, and then inject a passion for dissolving my love into the tea little by little. In this warm festival, send me all kinds of affection, happy Valentine’s Day!

 9. Often lovesickness, long-term love, who knows the season of lovesickness; dreams are hard to remember, love is hard to remember, and sorrow is difficult, who knows; Engagement date today!

 10. I love you, just like a mouse loves rice. I miss you without you. Where would I go to find such a caring, empathetic person if I didn’t have you? Happy Valentine’s Day! The love of my life.

 11. The one who knows the cold and the heat is the heart; the one who looks at each other is the eyes; the one who never leaves is the love; the one who lives forever is the love. 2.14 Valentine’s Day, love, come and go, never die, and may you be happy every season and sweet every Day.

 12. Valentine’s Day is here. Let the spring breeze blow your smile, let the spring rain convey my deep feelings, let the spring willows brush away your worries, let the spring swallows sing your voice, and let the spring flowers accompany your happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day quotes for girlfriend

 1. I am a very dim person. You gave me the starlight

 2. You are the favorite of the eighteen-year-old and the favorite of the eighty-year-old

 3. Your clear eyes are my heartbeat

 4. You are the joy of youth, and the reverse is the same

 5. May there be years to turn white heads and to share white heads with affection

 6. There are no taboos for a long time, but you are one hundred and one

 7. I like this kind of thing. Covering my mouth will also run out of my eyes

 8. Meeting you is the beginning of the story, and going to the end is the joy of the rest of your life

 9. Only a fool needs a girlfriend. I am willing to be a fool

 10. You are my blatant partiality, and you are my selfishness that I always know

 11. I can’t tell why I love you, but you are the reason why I don’t love others

 12. My love words are hidden in the wind, the people I like are hidden in my dreams, but you are in my heart

 13. I hope that for the rest of my life, wherever I look, my eyes are full of you

 14. When I meet you, no matter what happens in the future, I feel that I have earned it

 15. From the Day we first met, I had the urge to spend the rest of my life with you

 16. Loving you is the principle I have insisted on for so long. I will not compromise and give up

 17. When you are here, I will be safe and secure and put away my overflowing heart. I am the most precious of you in the world. You make me like you from the bottom of my heart.

 18. All your romantic feelings and whispers are fixed in my eyes; no matter where the wind blows, wherever you go, only you are in my eyes

Valentine’s Day Quotes For My Love

 1. At midnight, when love fell, we found the spinning Ferris wheel. It is said that people who look at the Ferris wheel are looking at love.

 2. Our love is like a tenacious Populus euphratica. No matter the storm, we will support each other and grow old together. In the quiet night, thinking of you is my happiest thing. I want to tell you that I love you more than the last second!

 3. As long as you enter within 100 kilometers of this radius, your heartbeat will arouse my heart beat faster.

 4. The most lonely and embarrassing thing is not the moment you know that you have lost your love, but you are still wandering, still not knowing that you have lost.

 5. I thought I chose romance; I thought I chose a lifetime, not an instant. He said to me it was inappropriate.

 6. If you like yourself. Just let go of your worship! You are my worship. If you like and worship, one is enough.

 7. The answer is very long. I am going to spend my whole life answering it. Are you ready to listen?

 8. There are many dreams at night. I’ll love you as soon as possible.

 9. One person is a poem, two people are a painting, the years are safe, you and I are not afraid, it is the most beautiful scenery in fleeting years.

 10. I think my hands are very beautiful. If you don’t believe me, try pulling them.

 11. Neither the earth nor the sun is the center of the universe. You are.

 12. You are the reason for all my inferiority and timidity and why I am in prison!

 13. A bird sings only once in its life. It sings the song of life on the thorns. A person only loves once in his life, and he can give up everything to die and live.

 14. You are the flower, I am the grass; we will support each other until we are old; you are the mountain, I am the water, we will be with each other forever; you are the sky, and I am the earth, and we will be together forever.

 15. In this lonely winter, the quiet night wind blows the soft moon, so lonely and confused, I don’t know when is my sad return date.

 16. I want to be your Weibo, pay attention to your traces, forward your handwriting, comment to you with sweet words, look in your eyes, and remember in your heart!

 17. Every petal carries my sincere blessings, every care, continuous blessings, and greetings; please send the breeze, and may flower and green leaves accompany you to embellish your beautiful life.

 18. You really can’t like someone too much. You will bury your whole life in this unworthiness. The scary thing is that you still think it is worthwhile.

 19. When I’m not by your side, let the things I give you accompany you!

 20. May my whispers be a key to opening your heart’s paradise.

 21. Feelings are so wonderful. I, who never believed in love at first sight, began to believe that love at first sight, is the inspiration of love.

 22. You have lived in my heart. I always feel empty without you.

 23. Sika deer are common in Lin Shen, sperm whales are often encountered in Haishen, and you are the most beautiful in dreams.

 24. I haven’t seen you for a while, and I feel like everyone around you looks like you.

 25. You said that the moon would melt, so I wanted to smash the moon and cover it all night; you don’t have to hide, you know, the sky all night long is my heart.

 26. I don’t know how long the meteor can fly. Is it worth pursuing? I don’t know how long the cherry blossoms can bloom; is it worth waiting for me? But I know your love can be as beautiful as cherry blossoms, which is worth keeping for a lifetime.

 27. My dear, we will grow old. I hope we can still support each other at that time, hug each other warmly and sleep, let memories accompany us to smile, and let love linger in our hearts forever!

 28. Knowing you is fate, liking you is feeling, and falling in love with you is happiness; I would rather face it with a smile than cry and regret.

 29. You are the shore, I am the boat, you are the sun, and I turn for you. You can only count on happiness, and the world will not be changed for me.

 30. Missing you is a kind of sad beauty and sweet melancholy. In my heart, there is a warmth that nothing can replace.

Quotes About Valentine’s Day

 1. As long as you want, I will wait for you for three years.

 2. I’m stupid; please approach me with sincerity.

 3. My love, Happy Valentine’s Day!

 4. Don’t seek perfection in love, but hope to fly together.

 5. The most beautiful thing is that you care.

 6. Wait for a misty rain in the river, and get drunk and lingering.

 7, the years are not enough, your figure.

 8. I wish you have me every year; every year, have me.

 9. After confirming the eyes, I met the right person.

 10. If it’s true, if it’s an illusion, cherish love and cherish justice.

 11. you and Yu Sheng will spend the rest of your life.

 12. Valentine’s Day is coming; you have to be happy!

 13. In the dream, the flower blooms undefeated.

 14. Laugh at her in a dream; laugh at a time.

 15. With you, every Day is Valentine’s Day!

 16. My eyes are so small that I can only see you.

 17. I have seen the Milky Way, but I only love one heart.

 18. I love you, love you forever!

 19. I like you more and more.

 20. My future, you are also.

 21. Don’t touch my woman.

 22. I want to give you happiness; no one can stop me!

 23. Who is my happiness?

 24. Limited to today, I use all sugar and ice.

 25. If we can join hands, let’s go together today!

 26. The Day I love you is very happy.

 27. I will meet you at the prosperous corner.

 28. I love you and will accompany you all my life.

 29. I wish you eternal love and happy life!

 30. The future is very far, and you are beautiful and infinite.

 31. May you grow old; I can understand my heart.

 32. May all lovers in the world be married.

 33. Time allows me to grow old with you.

 34. I don’t want to miss the next summer with you.

 35. Meeting you is the luck of my life.

 36. This summer, you are more beautiful.

 37. I wish to have a single heart, and the white head should not be separated.

 38. The one who cares about you is still you.

 39. I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, and love will last forever.

 40. Stay, or I’ll go with you.

 41. You can’t grow from the same root but seek common ground.

 42. May you dare to love, as in the past.

 43. My love for you, the ending of the news network, is still there.

 44. I have a dream to marry you in the future.

 45. In my heart, I can only pretend to be you.

 46. ​​Can one Day influence you?

 47. Protect you, love you, love you.

 48. How about I accompany you in life, old age, sickness, and death?

 49. I will love you for ten thousand years.

 50. If someone chases you, I will trip him.

 51. You are not fat; you are cute enough to swell!

 52. You ask me to apologize or let me confess.

 53. We firmly believe that we will always be together.

 54. The old alley of the ancient city, the old boy.

 55. You are my treasure.

 56. My vision is short-sighted, and I can only see you.

 57. I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and happy life!

 58. I love you very much.

 59. Thousands of ambitions, you are the biggest.

 60. Send me the payment link, darling.

 61. May this year’s Valentine’s Day be forever!

 62. Delicate dice, An Hongdou.

 63. I will give you my whole life.

 64. The one who can’t rest assured is still only you.

 65. On Valentine’s Day, happiness is beckoning you!

 66. Carry a lantern and look for you in the face of the wind and rain.

 67. With you, the world has become so fascinating.

 68. You are so sweet; you are sent by peach!

 69. You turn into a song in your dreams.

 70. It is easy to seek priceless treasures and rare to have a lover.

 71. Valentine’s Day, I wish you happiness!

 72. For your love, never change.

 73. Dear, Happy Valentine’s Day, love you forever.

 74. Time is not old; we are not separated.

 75. My future is with you.

 76. In this life, I will not marry you unless you are.

 77. My goddess is the most dazzling.

 78. I exclusively sponsor your happiness.

 79. I love you. May we be together forever.

 80. If you have a dream, cuteness will accompany you.

 81. Empty city and empty alley, empty one person.

 82. When I love you, I feel the ground moving.

 83. How fortunate to let me meet you.

 84. Bang Bang is on the left; you are in Bang.

 85. The most beautiful thing is to meet you.

 86, I am fat; I can protect you.

 87. Who, I take care of your happiness.

 88. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I wish the beloved one happiness.

 89, be you, a hero.

 90. Breeze, summer eyes, distant mountains, and you.

 91, love, stop here. Heart, it doesn’t stop there.

 92. I will never let you go in my next life.

 93. Moshang is like a jade, and the son is unparalleled worldwide.

 94. Waiting in this life, just for you to look back for a moment.

 95. If you haven’t come, how dare I grow old.

 96, kiss, wet my face for you.

 97. Sing love songs, don’t miss older people.

 98. You and Xingyue can be treasured.

 99. Tears, kiss my face for you.

 100, I love you, love you habits can not be changed!

Frequently Asked Questions

when is valentine’s day 2023

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th every year. This year, it will fall on a Sunday.

how many days until valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th this year. It is celebrated by couples all over the world.

what to get your boyfriend for valentine’s day

A gift card to his favorite restaurant would be a great idea. It shows him how much you care about him and want to spend time together.

what to get a girl for valentine’s day

Flowers – A bouquet is a classic gift; they don’t need to break the bank.

who invented valentine’s day?

Valentine’s Day was created by Pope Gregory III in 496 A.D., when he declared February 14th to be St. Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t until the 19th century that people started celebrating the holiday.

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